Samsung and LG each sell 20 million touch-screen phones

Samsung and LG have announced that they have both sold more than 20 million touch-screen mobiles each onto the world market, a level of performance that exceeds any other country in the world. Both companies took the smartphone market by storm around two years ago, according to the Telecoms Korea website.


Since then, a range of well designed and popular handsets have snatched a significant market share. Designs such as the Samsung F480, Samsung Omnia, LG Viewty or LG Cookie have become hugely popular.


Now, we are looking at the likes of the Samsung i7500, Samsung Omnia HD, LG Arena and LG Viewty Smart, to take up the mobile baton and, with this stable of phones, both companies look to dominate the touch-screen phone market for the forseeable future. 


Experts predict that 170 million touch-screen phones will be sold this year and 500 million in 2012.


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