Samsung develops shutter technology

Samsung is currently working on a new shutter technology that hopes to rival the technology used by better quality, more established and dedicated digital cameras and forge ahead of even the newly announced camera phones such as those from LG and Sony Ericsson.


The problem with current mobile phone-related shutter technology is that it does not incorporate the physical shutter - basically because the latter is too bulky and expensive. Samsung, as an alternative, has decided to plump for MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) technology, instead.


According to the Technon Nikkeibp website, the MEMS shutter is circular, 2.2mm in diameter and made by repeatedly forming a film on a glass substrate. It said: 'Specifically, ITO (indium tin oxide), a transparent electrode material, is formed on the glass substrate. A light-shield film is formed on it which is composed of 36 pieces of fan-shaped film that has an angle of 10°. They are arranged to form the shape of a circle.'


Each of the 36 fan-shaped films is attached to the ITO film on its circumference, with its center portion curled downward. Under this condition, for example, says the website, the light shield film is 'open' and does not block light.


Samsung is yet to reveal a release date for the new technology.


Click to read the Technon Nikkeibp story

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