Windows Mobile 6.5 - now complete

The Microsoft development team that has been working on the new version of the Windows Mobile operating system for a wide range of mobile phones - version 6.5 - is now officially complete. A statement to that fact was made by a member of the team via a Twitter posting which also praised its general use and overall design. The team member stated that, "For the record, Windows Mobile 6.5 is DONE... complete... looks really good IOHO and every bit functional."


The final, official release date of the new operating system iteration is still to arrive. However, it appears that everything is ready to go. Those who are chomping at the bit and are waiting to see what the new code can actually do can view a video that will explain more about the new features such as MyPhone, to sync text messages, photos, video and contacts and Windows Marketplace for Mobile, a new area for apps.


Click to view the video

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