Fennec for Windows Mobile reaches Alpha 1

It's has only been three months since Mozilla released the pre-Alpha release version of Fennec, the mobile version of the Firefox browser which is being developed for Windows Mobile 6. That early version was aimed at the HTC Touch Pro as a development platform for an eventual, general, release for all mobile platforms. Now, Mozilla has released the Alpha 1 version of the Fennec browser which has been aimed at both developers and for those who would like to test the browser and help to refine it, said the Mozilla Blog website


Mozilla also said that the new program will include JeMalloc, a memory management library developed by Jason Evans and used by Firefox, that, "...allows Fennec to manage memory much more efficiently."


Apparently, the Fennec interface has also included some special attention allowing, said Mozilla, to "more easily adjust our UI for various screen sizes and resolutions in the future. It also demonstrates how web technologies can be used to create compelling user interfaces."


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