Samsung model gets infrared feature

According to observers, Samsung is gearing up to release a new mobile phone that can make video calls in the dark. A built-in infrared function makes this possible, although  the final images will be in black and white, not colour.


The phone is called the SCH-W760 - not to be confused with the Sony Ericsson W760. Hence, if and when the handset makes its way over to the UK, we can expect a name change.


A slider phone, the design will feature a high quality AMOLED screen spanning 2.8 inches and will include a three-megapixel camera, according to the Telecoms Korea website.


Other features will include Bluetooth for short-range wireless connections to a headset,

a music player, mobile printing facility and a torch - useful for those ghostly poses that are mandatory when it comes to making calls in the dark.


No distribution or price details were available.


Click to read the Telecoms Korea story


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