T-Mobile ?Bigfoot? to be launched by Motorola

Last week we spoke of how a leaked document which apparently shows a second T-Mobile Android device in the pipeline. Named the G1 v2. Codename "Bigfoot", we assumed the device, which sports a slide-out keyboard but with a more curved design, was to be made by Android stalwart HTC. Apparently not. Boy Genius Report claims to have it on good authority that it will actually be made by Motorola. There's a turn up for the books and perhaps it may prove to be the handset to change the American manufacturer's fortunes having been very quiet of late.


Further details are still a little sketchy other than that we can expect the device to begin being shipped in the US before the end of the year, with a UK launch following soon after.


To read the full story from Boy Genius Report, click here.

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