Motorola Moto W7 - new 'fitness phone'

Motorola has a new attempt at relevance, uh, phone out - the Moto W7 Active Edition (no relation to the W7 which looks substantially chunkier), which they claim is perfect for 'fitness enthusiasts' thanks to an accelerometer that senses hand gestures and movements to launch apps, control the music player or silence calls and alarms. Oh, and a pedometer than counts your steps and works just great with an included personal training app.


Acccording to Mobile Burn, it's a 3G CDMA slider with Bluetooth, MP3 player and FM Radio, and like with many 'fitness phones' doesn't exactly impress with features. Still, that's the price you pay for a phone that helps you stay fit, apparently.


The Active Edition is available in Q2 in Asia and Latin America in fancypants colors 'licorice' and 'alpine white'.  

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