Nuvifone delayed AGAIN

Regular readers will be acutely aware of the nuvifone, a GPS-slash-smartphone that many felt would be a genuine rival to the iPhone. Garmin, a sat nav specialist has teamed up with Asus to produce a string of these phones, beginning with the G60. However, despite being announced in February of last year, the phone has never seen the light of day. Well <fingers crossed> it would now seem that we'll be able to get our hands on this touch-screen sporting device later this year.


The handset which dons a 3.5-inch screen has the ability to display the exact latitude and longitude coordinates, closest hospitals, police stations and gas stations, as well as listing where you parked the car should you find yourself in an unfamiliar area. A second Garmin-Asus handset, the M20, a Windows mobile 6.1 Professional device is said to soon follow the G60, though we won't hold our breath.


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