Overboard's waterproof arm pack

Overboard has released a new protective phone case for use in a beach environment. Called the Waterproof Arm Pack, it is constructed from .42mm soft matte PVC and seals tight with the company's own Slide Seal System. Ideal for those who either need to carry a phone with them at all times or who don't fancy leaving their valuables inside their shoe - hey, who'll ever think of looking there, eh? - while doing a spot of paddling in a canoe, the Arm Pack keeps out dust, sand and dirt and is waterproof up to a depth of 19ft. It will also keep your credit card, cash and keys secured too.


In addition, whilst we've already seen the introduction of Overboard's floating mobile phone cases, the range has been expanded to cater for a wider array of phone sizes and types. The Waterproof cases now include small, large and a case for a flip phone.


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