Nokia boasts 20,000 items in Ovi app store

After much speculation,  Nokia is about to launch its own app store but it's the amount of apps that will be initially be provided by the company that is raising eyebrows. Nokia is looking to feature 20,000 items, including plenty of digital content, on the first day of the launch of the store which will be known as Ovi - Finnish for 'door'. Compare that figure with the initial amount of apps that were made available from both Apple and Blackberry which amounted to no more than a few hundred items whilst Google only had a few dozen.


According to the Forbes website, the Ovi store will be pre-loaded on Nokia's new flagship handset, the N97, and be included in phones released in the future. Users of the company's current handsets will be able to download the store program. For those handset's featuring a GPS chip, the store will also be able to recommend apps based the the user's current location.


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