Line rental deal - buy the Samsung G600 Belle and save £360

This deal offers a good amount of free minutes but will be most attractive to texters, providing enough free texts to satisfy most people over a typical month. You're also given 10 months free line rental (by redemption), meaning that your effective monthly bill is just £10. 


  • Handset name: Samsung G600 Belle
  • Supplier: Mobiles2YourDoor
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: Anytime Text 30
  • Free call minutes: 200
  • Free Texts: 1,000
  • Rental/month: £30 per month with four cashback installments of £75
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: 10 months free line rental (by redemption)

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Look and Feel

It's slim without being awkward to handle and lightweight without feeling flimsy. All in all, a very comfortable phone to handle.



Obviously, the five-megapixel camera stands out as a major plus point and the 16 million colour display is phenomenal.


Ease of Use

Unlike the semi-touch-screen operation of the Samsung U600 and U700, all the keys are fully mechanised and make the G600 a pleasure to handle.



The music player's performance is strong, especially when we wirelessly hooked up our pair of Bluetooth headphones.


Battery Life

The G600 offers good rather than great battery life. We were re-charging once every two or three days.


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