Playstation phone could happen

Fair play to Hideki Komiyama, president of Sony Ericsson. Mr Komiyama has given a frank and honest interview with The Financial Times in which he notably concedes that the Sony Ericsson X1 was "a kind of experiment" and that a Playstation mobile "could happen". Having enjoyed great success in 2005 and 2006, Sony Ericsson has been struggling of late having failed to come up with a serious smartphone contender, losing customers to the likes of the iPhone, Nokia's N and E-series devices and other offerings from LG and Samsung.


The Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia failed to hit the heights the manufacturer had hoped, though there are rumoured to be three new Sony Ericsson smartphones in the pipeline. However, it's Mr Komiyama's admission that a Playstation phone "could happen" that has really caught the interest. There's been much talk about whether such a handset will ever become reality, but this latest admission has at least given us hope.


To read the full interview with The Financial Times, click here.

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