BlackBerry confirms the next generation Storm

The subject of numerous rumours and reports, the next generation of the BlackBerry Storm, to be known as the Storm 2 (they must have sat up all night for that one), is now confirmed. Talking to Reuters, Jim Balsillie, Research In Motion's CEO, said that Storm sales remain strong, and added, '...we have next generation devices with that and the whole roadmap.'


RIM sales are doing well. In fact, analysts have reported that sales of the Curve model have moved past the iPhone to become the biggest selling smartphone in the first quarter of this year. Observers say that RIM will continue to address the consumer market, in addition to its traditional business core.


'There are many ways to address the consumer market... RIM needs to go after consumers,' said Duncan Stewart, an analyst at DSAM Consulting in Toronto. He also said he would be 'stunned' if RIM chose not to build on the sales momentum of the Storm and roll out another touch-screen device.


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