HTC Hero mobile phone - leaked images

Details of the new mobile phone to be released via HTC, the Hero, have already been discussed by Mobile Choice. However, in addition to those early rumours, a more concrete sighting has been made via 'live' images that reveals the new handset in all its glory.


The HTC Hero has also been labelled as the G3 by the Code Android website. In fact, the design does resemble the new HTC Magic in some respects. Although, says the same reports, the chassis looks a little thinner. The new model appears to be bereft of a trackball which will be bad news for some prospective users who feel conformtable with this navigational device.


Other information, derived from the images, indicated that the Hero will include a 3.5mm headphone socket which will be good news to any music fans out there as the slot will take any decent set of headphones.


No price or distribution details were available.


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