Nokia E71i to be launched during September's Nokia World show?

There are reports that Nokia is looking to release an upgraded version of the popular E71 handset during September's Nokia World show.


The new version of the E71 will be known as the E71i and is rumoured to have an five-megapixel camera, upgraded from the current 3.2-megapixel specification of the E71. Five-megapixels provides a balance between picture quality and cost, as even reasonably sized image blow-ups will not pixelate.


Other enhancements, according to the Unwired website, include an improvement to the basic operating system from the current Symbian S60 FP1 standard to FP2 [Feature Pack 2].


To cap the feature improvements, Nokia is looking to add another colour option for the new model. In this case a brown hue, which should be popular during the Autumn release of the new phone.


No further price or UK details were available.


Click to read the Unwired story


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