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There's little worse than your mobile dying when you need to make that all important call or when using it to navigate your way to a destination. That's why a new application from Ravenscroft Ltd that claims to boost the battery life of a smartphone by up to 30% caught our eye.


Users can choose between five different profiles that maintain different levels of battery power. For example, 'Max Battery' will provide the highest power saving level, giving you maximum battery performance, while 'Custom' will enable the user to choose how they preserve their power depending on what applications they are using. The 'Improved Battery' setting will only kick in once the battery has hit a particular low level. It works by adjusting various phone settings such as screen brightness thus saving vital battery power.


Battery Extender is compatible with Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices including he Nokia N95 8GB, N82 and E71 and E63 handsets. It's available now as a 14-day free trial from http://www.battery-extender.com/ and will also be available to download from Nokia's Ovi store when it goes live.

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