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Goldstriker jewellers has unveiled a new iteration of the Apple iPhone. It's an iPhone packed with gold and diamonds. Did someone out there yawn? Yes, we have seen this sort of thing before. The difference with this particular modification, however, is that the design doesn't just coat the chassis in gold, the entire chassis is created from solid gold, according to the Pocket-lint website.


In these times of job cuts, pensions in crisis, shares in freefall, banks closing and the financial whizz-kids having to buy new calculators to work out the national deficit, the release of such a decadent item not only smacks of bad taste but, for those who can afford it, down-right arrogance.


However, if you are in a position not to care either way, you might wish to know that this £23,000 phone also features 53 diamonds that sit within the Apple logo. It might look nice but I tell you what, it'll be bloody heavy.


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