Nokia N86 innovates kickstand

The forthcoming Nokia N86, that company's very first 8-megapixel mobile phone, has revealed a new feature which will enhance the phone's media facilities.


We have already been made aware that the smartphone includes a little plastic, fold-out, kickstand which is useful for users who want to watch media on the phone, hands-free. However, it now appears that the stand is not just a simple piece of plastic. Observers say that, attached to the stand, is a sensor which, when the stand is folded out, triggers an application. Simple but very effective.


This means that, according to the BGR website, when the stand is propped open, a movie player app can be automatically opened. We say 'can' because the trigger goes one further by allowing you to trigger any app with the kickstand: a music player, photo app, you name it.


No release date of price information is available on the N86 phone.


Click to read the BGR story

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