Samsung mobile phones to use Nokia's Navteq

Samsung has declared that it will use Nokia's Navteq map data system plus related content for use on its own mobile phones in the future, such as the new Omnia HD handset, according to the Telecoms Korea website.


The Navteq outfit was an independent concern until Nokia bought them out during 2008 for a healthy $8.1 billion. Navteq isn't exclusively oriented towards providing information to Nokia. It also offers Geographic Information Systems data and digital navigation maps for companies like Garmin, Yahoo and BMW. However, this is the first time that Navteq has been asked to supply information to a direct competitor of Nokia.


The Omnia HD will allow you to locate friends online as well as working out the quickest route to them and providing a suitable graphic route. The Omnia HD smartphone will also provide improved information such as 3D landmarks and city models.


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