BlackBerry Gemini seen in the wild

The BlackBerry Gemini, also known as the Curve 8520, which has yet to be officially announced by the manufacturers, RIM, has again been spotted in the wild but more details have now been revealed, such as one intriguing feature or, rather, omission - no trackball!


Instead, the new Gemini has been seen with a flat, square optical track button that resembles the nav-pad on a typical Nokia. The positive side of this addition is that some users have, in the past, complained that the older optical trackball becomes 'sticky', reducing the efficiency of the interface and increasing frustration. This new improvement should solve that problem. The Gemini also arrived with a keyboard that resembles the one supplied with the 8900.


In addition to leaving out the usual trackball, the new Gemini will also not arrive with a fast, 3G data transfer facility. However, the chassis does come with a rubberised chassis plus dedicated multimedia keys, according to the Crackberry website.


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