Fennec to use Google?s Location Services

GPS-related utilities are very popular of late. Now Mozilla has announced that the new, mobile version of the Firefox web browser, known as Fennec, will be able to use the Google version of its location services, Geolocation, according to the WMExperts website. The feature allows users to share that user’s location.


Mozilla said: 'We are happy to announce that Fennec will be using Google Location Service. We found that we agreed on the many privacy concerns around location. Do check out Mozilla’s privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy. I am pretty excited about these policies I think they are going to be the industry standard when it comes to network based geolocation providers.'


The feature will be presented as an ‘opt-in’ service. Triangulation will take place using GPS, Wi-Fi, the local mobile tower or a manual entry. The geolocation facility will also be included in the upcoming Firefox 3.5 desktop browser.


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