Palm Pre's low stocks may delay Euro release

More news has been circulating regarding the forthcoming release of Palm's eagerly awaited mobile phone, the Pre. Reports have been received speculating further on the final release date and, in addition, low initial stocks available for sale.


Despite early reports of a Pre release date of either May 17th or June 29th a new pair of release dates has now arrived. The June release date has now become June/July 9th. A second date is apparently in the offing but has yet to be declared.


Part of the reason for the delay is the low initial stocks of the handset. According to the Bloomberg website, there are only 375,000 Pres available for sale. This might sound like a lot but, when split into various territories and retail outlets, it's spreading the new design a mite thinly. As such, some observers think that the US markets may get priority on the initial release meaning that the European release of the Pre might be further delayed, possibly into the Autumn.


Will the initial rarity value of the Pre work in the handset's favour and create an initial sales buzz?


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