Ironman, Motorola's Android mobile phone

Reports have reached us of a new Motorola mobile phone that will support the increasingly popular Android operating system. The new handset is to be known as the Iron Man but, at this stage, it is uncertain whether the new phone will keep this brand name or whether it is merely a temporary code-name, according to the BGR website.


What is known is that the phone will feature a full QWERTY keyboard for those frequent texters and others who need to utilize email on a regular basis. To speed the transfer of data the phone will also include 3G connectivity. To accompany both of those features the new Iron Man will also include a WiFi, wireless Internet, facility. Observers say that the new Motorola handset will also include a built-in camera but there have been no revelations as to its specification except for a report that it is of 'high resolution'.


A release date is predicted by the end of the year but no price details have been mooted yet.


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