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Dude where's my car? No we're not referencing the slacker movie starring Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott, but rather a new tracking service called NeatLocator. Produced by vehicle tracking experts, NeatTrack, the NeatLocator sits in the vehicle and can then be tracked via the internet on a PC or mobile phone. Simply key-in the registration number or driver's name and the exact location will be displayed. In addition if the vehicle is towed away or the battery goes flat your mobile will also receive a text alert.


NeatLocator also has the ability to immobilise the car thus preventing anyone such as a car thief or teenage son for that matter getting too far away. For example, hook the device discreetly to the starter circuit and once you have triggered the immobilisation, next time someone attempts to fire up the engine, the car will remain turned off.


Using a pay as you use scheme, £25 will get you about 4,000 tracks with the device coming at an RRP of £249.


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