Keep your touch-screen pristine

As great as touch-screens are, they are a haven for smudgy fingerprints and marks. While most of us can put up with them, the obsessive among you will be interested to hear of the QDOS Clean Touch that will leave your iPhone's, Samsung Pixon's and Nokia 5800's all smudge free and sparkling clean. The cleaning wand works by releasing a cleaning fluid onto the screen with a few vertical strokes. Any excess fluid will be absorbed back by the wand leaving just the right amount of cleaning product.


Embedded in the wand is a stylus that can be used on any capacitive touch-screen device, such as the iPhone, while the QDOS Clean Touch can be stored in the accompanying black carry pouch. Each wand contains enough fluid for 100 cleans, while the refill bottle will provide a further 200. There is also an extra tip to help the wand remain fresh and last longer.


The QDOS Clean Touch is available for £24.99 (inc. VAT) from

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