Nokia to release first NFC-capable mobile phone

Nokia is due to release its first mobile phone that will take advantage of the new NFC (Near Field Communications) technologies that will enable you to interact with content just by touching it with the phone itself. The new Nokia 6216 Classic will allow you to share images, weblinks, audio files or contact data and pay for tickets as well as other items, securely, just by tapping the device.


"The Nokia 6216 classic will be amongst the first commercial devices in the market complying with operator requirements using the SIM card in connection to secure transactions with Near Field Communications," said Jeremy Belostock, head of near field communications at Nokia. "With the Nokia 6216 classic in your pocket and the ticketing applications on the SIM you can replace the multitude of cards in your wallet. Having the applications on the SIM consumers can bring their secure applications to their next Nokia NFC enabled phone."


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