Samsung messaging phone for May release

Samsung is reportedly about to release of a new mobile phone that is aimed at those avid texters looking for a compact device. Known the as the T349, the messaging handset will feature an extensive keypad that will cram in 20 keys and resembles the Blackberry Suretype keypad seen on the Pearl models. Of course SMS, MMS, email and IM will be included as part of the feature set.


To be handled by T-Mobile, according to the BGR website, the new handset will also feature a range of additional features but not of a particular high specification. The included camera, for example, is only to be rated at a meagre 1.3-megapixels whilst data transfer is limited to GPRS. You will receive Bluetooth and the phone will include basic functions such as photo caller ID, an alarm clock and a calculator.


Reports say that the phone will be released during late-May. No UK details were released.


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