Tele-Egg mobile phone call indicator released

A new mobile phone call indicator, the Tele-Egg, has been released.


There are times in our lives when we have to sit with our mobile phones switched off - such as those quiet coaches on trains, restaurants, the theatre, cinema or your local funeral.


However, what happens when you need to know if someone has called? Maybe you can take the call outside or maybe you need to know that a text has been sent. Sure, you could put the handset onto vibrate mode but that can often produces a noise loud enouh to be frowned upon.


On the other hand, your phone may be stuffed in a bag so that you miss the vibration action altogether.


This is where the Tele-Egg comes in. When a call arrives the little guy wiggles his legs like there's no tomorrow, giving you a perfect visual indication that there's mobile activity it were. The Tele-Egg is available now for just £3.99.


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