Eytomotic?s personalised earphones

Headphones that fall out while jogging, or that need to be turned up to full to reach the desired volume level could be a thing of the past thanks to a new personalised earphone program.


Etymotic Research will soon be selling their hf2 custom fit headset which includes a voucher for one of 300 ear impression outlets. On appointment at said outlets, customers will be given a 15-minute appointment where they will have a mould of their lughole taken, which will in turn be used to make a totally personal set of ear tips. Having gone through the process ourselves we can vouch that its certainly a strange experience, but it is completely safe and the results are hugely beneficial both in terms of comfort and music quality.


The hf2 custom fit will also come with a pair of hf2 headphones that are purpose built for the iPhone and iPod can be used on any 3.5mm headset jack sporting device, and an array of standard ear tips in a variety of sizes.


The hf2 custom fit will be available from 28 April for £99.95, which includes the redeemable voucher.

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