Nokia 1100 in criminal mastermind

Reports say that an old Nokia 1100 mobile phone was recently bought by a member of the criminal fraternity for £22,200. The reason? Apparently, certain Nokia 1100 handsets feature a flaw in their basic software.


The flaw can be exploited to intercept essential passwords to access an online bank account. Only handsets manufactured in a particular factory in Bochum, Germany contain the vulnerable Nokia software, however.


According to the Techworld website, criminals have been busy stealing user names and passwords that relate to online banking accounts, specifically in Germany and Holland. Before a transaction takes place with one of these banks a TAN (transaction authentication number) code, a sort of one-off password, is required. The code is currently sent by the bank, separately, via a SMS, to the customer's phone to enable the customer to make the transaction. The Bochum-made Nokia 1100, however, can apparently be reprogrammed to use someone else's phone number. This means that the criminal can grab that essential TAN code and, thus, that person's cash.


The police are, as the saying goes, on the case.


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