Mobile roaming costs to be cut in Europe

The European Parliament has announced that the cost of roaming mobile phone calls plus associated texts and data-related services will be cut. The price drop will occur from 1 July 2009 and will continue to fall until 2011.


The formal decision has decreed a series of maximum fees that can be charged when abroad. The maximum fee for a phone call will be €0.43 - down from €0.46 (€0.39 in 2010 and €0.35 in 2011). If you receive a call when you are abroad, the maximum fee for that will be just €0.19 - down from €0.22 (€0.15 in 2010 and €0.11 in 2011), according to the official press release.


Also, if you decide to send a text message (SMS) from abroad, you will be charged no more than €0.11. This form of communication has received the largest saving as this figure has plummeted down from €0.28. Finally, you will be charged no more than €1.00 for each megabyte of data (€0.80 in 2010 and €0.50 in 2010). None of the costs include VAT. 


Observers have commented that, broadly speaking, users will save around 60% in total bill costs.


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