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International calling on a mobile used to be an absolute no no, unless you had more money than sense. That was until the introduction of various VoIP services such as Skype. iPhone users can now download another of these cost reducing services for free from the Apple App Store. Vopium is powered by mobile VoIP or Wi-Fi, enabling iPhone users to make free and cost-saving international calls at a reduced rate of up to 90% from traditional mobile and landline costs. International text messaging is also reduced to a cost of just 0.09p, while every consumer or business who downloads and registers the application will receive 30 minutes of free calls and 30 text messages.


Once downloaded, Vopium will automatically integrate the user's mobile address book with users having piece of mind that every time an international call is made Vopium will automatically re-route the call using the cheapest method available. It sounds like a great offering though Vopium will have their work cut out if they are to catch Skype who recently announced that their application had been downloaded over two million times.


Vopium can be downloaded to more than 500 compatible handsets from or from the Apple App Store for the iPhone.

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