Pilotfish Ondo - crazy concept music phone

So after we congratulated Samsung on its innovative take on the music phone with the Beat DJ, along comes a concept phone that just had us sweeping the floor for our dropped jaws.


The Ondo from German industrial design firm Pilotfish is a phone made from flexible, plasticky looking materials that are ‘form-sensitive' and allow you to modify sounds just by bending and twisting the phone. Right, we can't believe no one's thought of this before.


The touch-screen display is a bright OLED one, made from three removable ‘sticks'. According to Pilotfish, these are like a ‘portable recording studio', and you can clip them each separately to an instrument or person to record live.


So you clip your sticks, you record your sound, you contort the living daylights out of the Ondo to edit your masterpiece... and then you can send it to a friend via MMS. Pilotfish say the technology for mass production would be available in 'the near future'.


Via Unwired View

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