Fujitsu's secure USB memory device announced

Fujitsu has recently unveiled two related technologies that will appeal to those users who are nervous about portable USB devices because of the security risks they inherently feature.


The first is a USB memory device technology that, says Fujitsu, '...after a fixed period of time, automatically erases data stored on a USB memory.' The second enhancement, according to the company, is a file redirect technology that makes sure that the data that is placed on the USB memory device will only be accessible to a particular server.


According to the Akihabaranews website, the first technology features a processor and a battery. If, for example, the device was stolen and plugged into a different PC the device could be set-up so that, once the new PC is identified, the data is erased. Alternatively, the device can, for example, be told to delete itself after 24 hours.


For the second technology, the company said that file direct would prevent data from being copied to a hard disk and this can 'also be used to prohibit confidential data from being sent as an e-mail attachment or from being printed.'


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