APP WATCH: BD Touch developed for Smartphones

A new app has been developed by BluFocus and NetBlender that is aimed at users with smartphones. The new app will allow those people who also own a Blu-Ray compatible machine to transfer extra features from the disk directly to their phones. 


CEO Paulette E. Pantoja commented that the new app will be able to, "...transfer downloadable content and interactive features from their Blu-ray disk to their phone. The phones also can be used as a remote control for a compatible Blu-Ray player."


Talking to the Afterdawn website, Pantoja added that BD Touch capability will be a very easy for Blu-ray developers to add to discs in the future, "It's just one line of code they have to put in," Pantoja notes. "We made it extremely, extremely simple."


The new app will be shown at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference that starts in the USA next week.


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