iPhone next-gen to include HD and HD out socket?

New reports have arrived that at least one variation of the new, next generation, iPhone mobile phone will include HD facilities to compete against the HTC Touch HD and Touch Pro2. In addition, the new iPhone will feature an external socket for HD, AV use.


This will mean that the new iPhone will be able to store and play high definition images and will then be able to play those same video pictures onto a high definition TV. The current iPhone can only play pictures back at a maximum of 480i resolution and then only with a special cable that is supplied by Apple only. Third party cables are unusable due to onboard encryption. The next version of the iPhone will be able to play images back at both 720p and 1080i resolutions, say observers.


According to the Phonenews website, the new software will also allow you to sit at your HDTV, using an Apple AV Dock and an Apple Remote, controlling your iPhone much as they do an Apple TV today, watching stored HD content via a WiFi link.


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