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A free newspaper and a free mobile game? That can't be bad. Well that's if you're willing to put up with selected adverts that appear before and after each game. Ad-funded games specialist has teamed up with the Metro to offer just that. Readers will be offered a game of the day that can be downloaded by simply sending an SMS. Once downloaded the user will have access to the game in full. Adverts will appear before and after each game which the gamer can either patiently sit through or should they see something of interest click through to gain more information.


While adverts for the likes of eBay, Britvic, NME and Pot Noodle may prove irksome it would seem a small price to pay in return for free mobile games from the likes of RealArcade, Digital Chocolate, Hands-On Mobile, PlayerX, In-Fusio, Fishlabs, Indiagames and Progressive Media.

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