Apple's 1 billion App countdown

Apple has announced a Billion App Countdown promotion whereby the person that downloads the one billionth app will receive a prize of a $10,000 iTunes gift card, a 32GB iPod touch, a Time Capsule and a 17-inch MacBook Pro. The winner will be listed within 10 days following the download, according to the iLounge website.


The tricky thing is that only 25 entries per person per day will be allowed. So it's going to be intriguing to see how the psychology of the current download frequency continues. Will there be a slow-down with potential downloaders hedging their bets, waiting for others to download whilst the clock ticks on? Will there then be an enormous onslaught as the figure nears the magic billion?


At the current rate of downloads, the figure should be reached in around 6-7 days. Simply purchase an app or complete a non-purchase online entry hoping that you're going to be the lucky billionth person.


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