New Bluetooth 3.0 is faster and more awesome

Yep, it's true, Bluetooth 3.0 is due out later this month. It'll mean much faster transfer rates for large multimedia files like DVDs or massive batches of photos in one go.


This means another wireless way to connect your phone to your TV, stereo, or monitor, and much smooth streaming capabilities.


But before you get too excited over the high-speed short-range possibilities, MocoNews reports that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (who knew?) said that though the technology will be unveiled on April 21, they refuse to say when it'll actually be available to consumers, whether you'll require new Bluetooth devices, and if it will be backwards compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 gadgets.


Some techy stuff from Mobile Tech Today: the faster transfer rates are achieved by integrating Wi-Fi - the original Bluetooth connection hops abroad the 802.11 protocol ‘when necessary' to send large media files faster. Then when the Wi-Fi radio signal isn't needed, it goes back to normal Bluetooth spectrum to save battery life.

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