Toshiba 2009 roadmap leaked

Mobile Burn is reporting a leak of Toshiba's phone plans for the rest of the year. And it involves some seriously powerful smartphones all boasting massive touch-screens of WVGA resolution.


We previously reported on Toshiba's TG01, a Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone that's the first to run on a 1Ghz processor. According to Greek site, there's also a TG02 to follow - it'll be a similar 4.1-inch touch-screen but water resistant - and a TG03 a few months down the road, with three-channel speaker for ramped up video playback.


Then there's their QWERTY line - K01 will apparently have a slide-out QWERTY and high-res capacitive touch-screen (like the iPhone, the screen responds to heat rather than pressure, so feather-light swipes will get you through); the K02 a clamshell QWERTY and secondary touch-screen on the outside. Both are 3G-enabled, with a 3.2-meg camera and will run on the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5.


Finally, there's the massive seven-inch touch-screen L01, which will come with a detachable QWERTY, rather like the O2 Xda Flint and powered by fuel cell which would mean going up to a week (!) without a charge. Exciting stuff, and it all looks rather official, even if it's all in the ‘unnamed source close to the company' vein of things.


Peep the original roadmap spotted here. And watch our video demo of the powerful TG01, slated for a summer launch.

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