Nokia 6230i most recycled handset

In light of the current economic climate, more people are recycling their phones for cash incentives. Mobile trade-in website Fonebank has unveiled figures that suggest they have paid consumers 72% more in the first quarter of 2009 than the last quarter of 2008. This works out to be over £1.5 million in just three months. While the money paid to those who recycle their phones depends on the prestige of the handset, the average price paid out is £52.77, with the Nokia 6230i proving to be the most recycled mobile. The handset that has fetched the highest return is the Nokia N96 with a price of £210.


If a cash incentive is not enough to get you rummaging for that old handset, Fonebank distributes the second hand phones to developing countries where fixed landlines are unavailable or prove to expensive. So not only do you get a bit of additional spending money you can also feel good about yourself.


Fonebook's ten most recycled handsets for Q1 2009:


1. Nokia 6230i
2. Nokia 6300
3. Sony Ericsson K800i
4. Nokia N95
5. Nokia N73
6. Nokia 6230
7. Sony Ericsson K750i
8. Motorola V3 RAZR
9. Samsung U600
10. Nokia N70


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