Teen's monthly texting bill? Over $4,700

Greg Christofferson of Cheyenne Wisconsin, USA, is not a happy man. Well, he was until he received the bill for his daughter's mobile phone, which hit a cool $4,756.25 as a result of his 13-year old, Dena, sending and receiving 20,000 texts in a single month - an average of 700 texts per day, according to the Softpedia website.


Maybe this was part of the reason why the girl's education had taken a nose dive. In fact, the head teacher phoned Greg to discuss his daughter's rash of Grade Fs just after his mobile carrier called to discuss his daughter's texting bill. Quite a day.


Poor Greg was apparently none too pleased with the proceedings, which is why he decided to take a short walk into the back yard with his daughter's mobile phone. Whereupon he was last seen smashing the phone into small pieces with a large hammer.


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