iTunes price change alters song popularity

The recent price changes placed upon iTunes have had a reported change in the download popularity of a variety of songs, say reports.


iTunes recently bowed to major label pressure by changing its long-standing price structure to a variable model of $0.69, $0.99 and $1.29. The latest chart hits are rated at the $1.29 category whilst older, catalogue, tracks will fall under the cheapest category, according to the Ubergizmo website.


Now, the fall-out of those changes have resulted in the dropping in the popularity of those top-priced tracks within the Top 100 chart, falling down the download chart by an average of 5.3 places the day after the price rise followed by a further two places the day after that. Tracks priced at $0.99 actually rose 2.5 places the day after the price rise and 1.7 places the following day. No reports were given on the cheapest category.


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