LG's music oriented handsets feature Dolby Mobile technology

LG has officially announced three new mobile phones for its ‘GM' handset series. The GM310 has already been discussed here after details of the phone were leaked during February of this year. However, the other two phones, the GM205 and GM210, are new to these pages.


Both handsets will appeal to music fans and should offer good sound quality, especially as both will feature the Dolby Mobile technology plus LG's own Sound Engine facilities. More specifically, the GM210 will be featured within a slider chassis while the GM205 will be presented in a candybar design, according to the Ubergizmo website.


Both handsets will include a built in camera but both camera's specifications will not be particularly high at just 2-megapixels. In addition, both phones will feature microSD card slots. The GM210 will cater for 4GB or extra memoy whilst the GM205 will support 2GB of memory.


All three handsets are due for a European release sometimes this year.


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