Palm Pre mobile phone release: May 17th or June 29th

A series of leaks from US-based phone suppliers have lead industry observers to speculate that the final launch of the Palm Pre mobile phone will occur either in May or June of this year: specifically, either May 17th or June 29th.


The reasons behind the proposed launch dates? Observers say that the employees for the carrier, Sprint, have been told that they cannot take a holiday during the month of May. May 17th has been mooted as a release date if Palm receives enough numbers of the Pre to form a substantial launch platform.


However, the same reports say that, if not enough numbers are forthcoming and demand is "deemed too low to begin initial sales in May", then the Pre launch date will be pushed back until June 29th, according to the Unwired website


Of course, none of this information is directly applicable to the UK but further speculation has thus arisen asking if a UK carrier would act in a similar fashion to provide a simultaneous launch along with Sprint or if the Pre would be launched during the Autumn over here.


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