Palm Touchstone charger to be first in a new range

A marketing manager working for Palm has let slip that the forthcoming Touchstone charger, created for use with the new Pre mobile phone, will form just one of a an entire range of Touchstone products and that the charger itself is currently known as the ‘Puck'.


One of the more recent trends of the Palm marketing department is how little they have been saying about the Palm Pre and its associated products. New information - such as when we are likely to actually see the Pre - is pretty thin on the ground. The announcement of a charger for the Pre was, therefore, a welcome relief and a contrast to the Pre information trickle.


The Touchstone itself is a wireless charger that performs its duties via inductive technology and holds a series of magnets in the chassis to keep the Pre mobile fixed onto the body, according to the Prethinking website.


The only aspect of the new information that is not clear is this: will the Touchstone range be a series of charger-related, power products or will the Tocuhstone brand cover other, non-charging products?


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