IPEVO desktop Skype phone on sale

IPEVO has released a new desktop phone to the market that supports Skype. You can use SkypeOut, Skype Voicemail, SkypeIn and standard Skype-to-Skype calls without needing to turn on your computer.


To be known as the S0-10W, the phone also supports Wi-Fi to ‘b' and ‘g' standards along with WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption. The new design also includes a tilting colour display spanning 2.4 inches, according to the company, in which you can see the usual data including your remaining Skype credit. You can also manipulate your Skype settings directly via the phone.


The design includes a full contacts list along with the opportunity to pre-set up to three speed-dials. Other facilities include the possibility of including status messages (custom or standard) plus ‘moods'.


The price is $169.99 but UK customers can buy it. Extra security is provided as the sale is completed through Amazon.


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