GoldVish luxury mobile phone sparks Revolution

GoldVish has announced details of a new luxury mobile phone to be known as the Revolution. Like the Goldvish Le Million, which entered the Guiness Book Of Records as the world's most expensive phone at €1 Million, the Revolution is also coated with a combination of diamonds and gold: pink and white, no-less, according to the Mobile Whack website.


Structured within a candybar chassis, the design features rounded edges and a relatively small display. Placed beneath the screen is, of course, the keypad. This is no ordinary gang of keys, however, as it too is coated in diamonds. Just don't cut yourself to ribbons dialling your mother.


In addition to the phone functions, the Revolution also includes a precision watch created by the Swiss manufacturer Frederic Jouvenot, who knows a thing or two about quality time pieces. Price for the new phone will be €369,000.


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