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Windows Mobile users can now purchase a piece of software that allows you to take a photo of a piece of text and have it read back to you. CapturaTalk has updated its software to fully integrate the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. Aimed specifically at people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or those whom English is not their first language, users can take a picture of a photo or piece of text and CapturaTalk Version 2 will identify the text and numbers before reading it out aloud or via a Bluetooth earpiece.


With the Oxford Dictionary onboard, CapturaTalk will highlight each word as it reads the text back allowing the user to pause the program should any word crop up that they don't understand with the software reading the dictionary definition back to them.


CapturaTalk 2 runs on any Microsoft Windows Mobile Devices of 5.0 or above, including the likes of the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro. It is available from £350 (+ VAT), though those with dyslexia will be exempt from VAT. For more information, visit

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