Google demos Gmail application

Google has begun building a web interface that will bring their email service, Gmail to even more people. The service is currently already embedded on BlackBerry and Android mobile phones such as the BlackBerry Bold and T-Mobile G1, but according to, a new web application was demoed in San Francisco at the Web 2.0 Expo. By developing such a platform, more phones will be compatible with Gmail.


Google was unable to say when the service would go live, though they demoed a ‘technical prototype' on Friday which would suggest we shouldn't have to wait too much longer. The demoed version did show a floating toolbar above the inbox that provides easy access to deleting or archiving your email, while Google also claimed the application would use offline data access meaning it could read email even when there was no internet connection.


Google has been in the news a fair bit recently, having received both praise and criticism for its Street View application.


For the full story from ZDNet, click here.

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